Best Portable Laptop Table for 2021

With the rise in Covid 19 situation, working from home is becoming the new reality. While some of us are privileged enough setup a proper office at home, most of us have limited space and a limited budget. That’s why we have analysed the laptop tables currently available on largest e-commerce marketplace and come up with the best options for bed tables for you.

But before going for the specific options, we need to decide whether to go for a Wooden Laptop Table or Laminated Plywood one. Deciding this is easy based on budget and expectations. Putting it in simple words, a wooden laptop table will be slightly more expensive but it can be a great addition to your home furniture. On the other hand, laminated plywood laptop tables tend to give a modern look and are available at a very reasonable price.

Now let’s have a look at the best options currently available on in each category.

1. Laminated MDF Laptop Tables (With Metal Frame)

a. Memeho® Smart Standard Multi-Purpose Laptop Table

This is one of the oldest and most promising brands selling laptop stands on Amazon India. The brand has good number of reviews and has maintained them over a long period of time. That’s why it is likely that you will get a good product for the price you have paid and chances of going through hassles of returning the product will be less.

Amazon Ratings: 4.3/5
No. Of Reviews: 8903
Price (Amazon): 779 + Free Shipping
Colour Options Available: Yes


b. DECORVAIZ Multipurpose Laptop Table

This is relatively new listing on Amazon but it is offering a similar product at a much lower price. The reviews are also good with few negative reviews. A number of sellers are selling on this listing, so that the price is likely to move slightly up and down. But for under Rs. 500,  this is currently the most budget friendly option available on

Amazon Ratings: 3.4/5
No. Of Reviews: 2330
Price (Amazon): 373 + 99 For Shipping
Colour Options Available: No

c. Portronics My buddy plus Adjustable Laptop cooling Table

This is a complete package. The table has been ergonomically designed, with height & angle adjustment option, giving you a break from back pains due to long working hours. It also has a built in Laptop Cooling Fan with in built USB cable. Though the price is slightly high, the features of this standing desk easily justify the price.

Amazon Ratings: 4.4/5
No. Of Reviews: 10,055
Price (Amazon): Currently Not Available
Colour Options Available: Yes

The are many other brands selling exactly same product with slight variations for different prices, but the above options are cover all the best portable lapdesks.

2. Wooden Laptop Tables

Now if you are a natural wood enthusiast like us and do not mind spending a little bit extra for a wooden product, then we have got a few good options for you.

Before going further, we wish to point out that there are some laptop tables which are not truly wooden but sellers do not give enough clarity on their listings and sell MDF tables instead of wood. With this mind, let’s have a look at what’s available on Amazon India in the Wooden Foldable Laptop Table segment.

a. Ebee Brown Laptop Table with Drawer

Ebee is one of the oldest brands on and has a lot of products in furniture category. This product has been priced just under 1000 and that’s why it one of the bestselling laptop tables under adjustable & potable laptop table category. But lack of proper images and in-depth description, the product is possibly made completely from MDF, which might make it a short-lived possession for you. But still at this price point, it is buyable.

Amazon Ratings: 3.4/5
No. Of Reviews: 3307
Price (Amazon): 1199 + Free Shipping
Colour Options Available: No

b. POPULAR Multipurpose Wooden Adjustable and Foldable Design Laptop Table

This laptop table has been launched recently in 2020 but the sales and reviews for this product are climbing regularly. The listing clarifies that the top of this table is made from 12mm MDF while the frame & the legs are made from natural wood. The working area of this table is larger as compared to its low-priced competitors. The height of the table is good 10”, giving enough space to comfortably keep your legs while using it. Overall, the product has good reviews and is the best combination of good quality at reasonable price.

Amazon Ratings: 4.2/5
No. Of Reviews: 321
Price (Amazon): 1350 + Free Shipping
Price (Premlarshop)1215 + Free Shipping
Colour Options Available: Yes

c. POPULAR Multipurpose Wooden Laptop Table (Upgraded Model)

This is an upgraded model from the same brand at slightly higher price. The upgraded model has magnet locks in the drawer & top panel and mobile docks on both adjustable and fixed panels. If not too tight on the budget, you can for this model for a complete package. The product also contains a handy wooden mobile stand FREE!

Amazon Ratings3.8/5
No. Of Reviews37
Price (Amazon)1450 + Free Shipping
Price (Premlarshop)1305 + Free Shipping
Colour Options AvailableYes

d. Callas Laptop Bed Tray Multi-Tasking Bamboo Lap Desk

This table has similar design but with one primary difference – it Is made of Bamboo Wood. The product has limited ratings but this is an established brand with lot of products in same category. The table has height adjustment option, which makes it usable for kids as well adults. Overall, bamboo laptop tables are durable and may prove to be a lifelong asset for you.

Amazon Ratings: 3.7/5
No. Of Reviews: 96
Price (Amazon): 1199 + Free Shipping
Colour Options Available: No

We hope that this gives clarity regarding different options available on for Laptop Tables in 2021. We have kept the options limited, to make your buying a process simple, without having to look for too many confusing offers available. Hope this article helps you choose a great product for you and for your loved ones!

Akash Kumar

Akash Kumar

Akash Kumar takes care of e-commerce at Premlarshop and loves helping people in his industry & beyond. He has spent the majority of his career in the e-commerce industry and is an expert selling on Amazon. He is obsessed with maintain high-quality standards in his work and likes to write to spread knowledge relating to his field of work.

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Best Portable Laptop Table for 2021

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