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Aluminum Leveling Staff – Professional Model (MV06 )


Length: 6 Meters
Model ID: MV06
Storage: Heavy Canvas Cover

Availability: 24 in stock

Key Features of this Aluminum Leveling Staff

  • EXTRA BROAD & LIGHT WEIGHT SECTIONS – Premium quality extra broad sections that don’t shake once staff is extended. These extra broad sections do not add weight to your shoulder as they are light weight in nature.
  • CLEAR BOTH SIDE MARKINGS – Premium quality powder coating with clear markings on both sides to help you in accurate land surveying.
  • SECTIONAL DESIGN – 5 Sections with push buttons for extending and shortening of the rod. Transportation is never an issue now!
  • WORKING RANGE – Working range is 6m.
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED CANVAS COVER – Heavy Canvas Cover comes with a strong strap for ease in transportation and storage.
  • Aluminum Leveling Staff

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