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Drawing Sheet Holder – Deluxe (Black)


Length: 19″
Extendable Length: 29″
Diameter: 3″
Colour: Black
Used For: Engineering Student, Artist, Architect
Perfect For: Artworks, Blueprints, Posters and Scrolls

Availability: 200 in stock

sheet holder

Key Features of this black sheet holder

  • Made from durable plastic making it an storage for any of your important documents
  • EXTENDABLE LENGTH Convenient lock and unlock system to adjust the length anywhere from 19 to 29 , making storage of any kind of precious artwork possible
  • WATER-PROOF and LIGHT RESISTANT Plastic body of the sheet container protects your documents, blue prints posters, paper rolls, scrolls, maps, sketching papers, architect papers, from light and nominal water, making it a safe house for your precious work
  • PORTABLE The light weight and small size of the container makes carrying easy
  • VERSATILE FUNCTION – Great storage and transporting chart holder for anything that needs to be rolled and not folded for engineering students, art students, architect, artist
  • black sheet holder
drawing sheet holder 1
sheet holder2

Works For Everyone

The sheet holder is a perfect choice product for artists, architects, students, illustrators, hobbyists along with others.

sheet holder 2

1st Quality Plastic

The quality plastic used to craft the sheet holders is of supreme quality and standards. Recycled or remoulded plastic not used and hence durability satisfaction comes in the package.

sheet holder 4

One Of A Kind

The product is one of a kind due to its high durability standards, crafting methods, adjustable and water proof features and also being made entirely in India.

sheet holder 5

Expandable Height

As the sheet holder can be expanded to the required height of the sheets it’s quiet handy in many ways. The sheet of various sizes according to one’s choice and needs can be fit in without worrying about the size of the sheet holder.

high quality packing
sheet holder 7

Versatile Uses

Popular sheet holder is suitable for blueprints, artworks, scrolls, maps, large pictures, documents, drafts, papers and stuff you want to fit in and carry wherever you wish as it’s easy to carry.

sheet holder 8

Shoulder Strap To Carry -

  • Quality nylon belt
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to carry Great for artist, art students, architect, hobbyist.
sheet holder 9


Waterproof tube protect your documents, papers, plans from those accidental water spills or even those out of the blue rain visits.

sheet holder 10


The drawing sheet holder is so light in weight you wouldn't feel any extra load on your shoulder except your hard work.

Weight.4 kg
Dimensions49 × 9 × 9 cm

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