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Wooden Laptop, Study Table (Soothing Light Grey)


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laptop table
  • Key Features of this laptop study table

      • VERSATILE PRODUCT – Use it as a Laptop Table, Study Table, Bed Table, Breakfast Table, Gaming Table or for anything where your imagination takes! (1 MINI WOODEN EASEL WORTH 80/- & CLEANING CLOTH WORTH 20/- FREE)
      • ADJUSTABLE & FOLDABLE – Adjustable Angles prevents you from hunching over the table and Foldable design ensure that storage of this table is never a hassle for you!
      • LARGE WORKING AREA (60cm x 33 cm) – Big size top allows you to keep all your essentials, making working a wonderful experience.
      • STURDY LIFE LONG ASSET – The natural wood frame with premium quality hardware makes the table a lifelong asset. Wooden base of the table is broad enough to avoid tumbling due to slight pressure.
      • BEAUTY OVERLOADED – Each table has been hand finished to perfection! You can easily brag about this beautiful furniture to your friends & family! (1 MINI WOODEN EASEL WORTH 80/- & CLEANING CLOTH WORTH 20/- FREE)
  • wooden laptop table india
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Antique Walnut Finish

This laptop stand is specially designed to be lightweight and compact. It can be transported from one place to another easily without any hassle and can be carried from one room to another smoothly in the case of need.


Classy Design - Premium Look

The classy born in colour folding laptop table can be easily stored effortlessly anywhere in your home. It can also be converted into a small piece of furniture in the time of need.


Increase Comfort & Productivity

Our table is made entirely in India centralising the Indian mindset and perspective at highest priority. Working in the comfortable position enhances the speed and accuracy of work. The laptop stand helps to keep an open posture and stay active and alert.


Improves the Airflow

The benefit of a laptop stand is it prevents your laptop from overheating. The design of the table stand helps to keep your laptop cool, hence running at optimal performance longer, and even extends the life of your laptop.

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Wooden Frame & Legs

The laptop/ study table is equipped to fulfil all the indoor and outdoor purposes. The table has MDF frame and legs which means that the doubts about its durability and toughness is out of the window. It comes with a storage drawer, an inclined panel that can be adjusted as per comfort and folding legs. Also, 1 wooden mobile stand and 1 cleaning cloth comes free with it.


Reduce Back Pain

The laptop table helps to reduce back pain caused due to uneven working posture. When your laptop is in the better position and is in the line of eye, your posture gets improved, which ultimately strengthens your core and hence causes no back pain at all.


Improved Ergonomics

The height adjustment method solves the ergonomic issue. The laptop table has an adjustable height range and it is convenient for your home and workplace too. The adjustable size impacts hugely on your health, especially for the eyes and back.

wooden laptop table india

Protect Your Eyes From Damage

The laptop table helps in elevating the screen of a laptop at eye level. The flexibility of adjusting screen height helps to reduce stress on the eyes. Even typing would no longer be a mess; you can easily focus on work.

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