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Multipurpose Drawing Stand – 30″x42″ – Genius2010 (Only Stand, Without Board)


Contents: Only Stand, Without Board
Compatible With: 30″x42″ (A0 Elephant Size) Board
Frame: Powder Coated Metal Frame
Color: Snow White & Royal Black

Availability: 14 in stock

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Popular Genius 2010

We are providing you the Multi Purpose Drafting Standing Table with Natural Pinewood Drawing Board. We are offering two sizes in Genius 2010 is A1 (23”x32”) size as well as A0 (30”x42”) size. This is a multipurpose full height & angle adjustment table with storage tray.It can be used while sitting as well as standing at desired working angle. Use this table as a Study Table, Laptop Table, Table for Sofa, Table for Bedroom, Computer Desk, Office Table, Work from Home Table, Painting Easel or for anything where your imagination takes!

Why Should You Choose Popular Brand :

Our table is the good in terms of quality. We are the original manufacturer of this product. Many people have copied the images of our product.And they are offering a very low quality product .If someone is looking for a good quality product, then he should go with us.

Points Which Keep our Product at Top as Compare From others:

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  • Key Features of this only drawing stand

    • FULLY ADJUSTABLE STAND – Work conveniently with fully adjustable (both height and angle adjustment) lever system and levelling screws at the bottom to work easily on uneven floors. (Only Stand, Without Board).
    • WIDE STORAGE TRAY – Make drawing a spectacular experience by keeping the essentials in bottom wide tray.
    • HASSLE FREE INSTALLATION – No worries of reading the manual, each customer is provided with a step by step video for installation! (For 30″x42″ Drawing Boards)
    • ELEGANT-HEAVY DUTY-STURDY – This beautiful furniture takes 26 inches x 30 inches floor area, making the stand very sturdy. Working on an elegant drawing stand with attractive colour combination makes you feel like a king!
    • ACCESSORIES FREE – We value your time and that’s why provide you with spanner for fitting, 4 drawing board clips, 30cm scale and a cleaning cloth FREE, so that you don’t waste collecting small things and simply focus on work.
    • only drawing stand
  • foldable table
study table fully adjustable

Stops long term back pains at one angle only

Our adjustable tables are ergonomically designed. This allows you to use the table while sitting as well as standing at your desired working angles.

Each person’s body structure is different and that’s why every person has a different comfortable working angle. Also, option to use it while sitting as well standing makes this table highly versatile.

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Others Features :

We provide 8 Inches Wide Storage Tray to keep you essentials while working.

For Installation, the board needs to be screwed to the frame. But no need to worry, we provide complete hardware and step by step installation video to make the process very easy!

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Not to worry about White Powder

Not to worry about White Powder

The white powder is put to preserve the surface of the board when jointing the wooden fatties at the time of manufacturing. Kindly remove this white powder by dusting it off with a cotton cloth when using it for the first time.

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